Falcons’ front office drama in Flowery Branch

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The Falcons hired Scott Pioli as the new assistant general manager. (AP)

There is some drama brewing in the Branch!

The hiring of Scott Pioli as the new assistant general manager was a sound football move by the Falcons.

But when he arrives after working the Super Bowl for NBC Sports and Sirius Radio, he comes with a checkered past that doesn’t fit the culture that’s been cultivated by owner Arthur Blank and executed by president Rich McKay, general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Mike Smith.

To Pioli’s credit he knows that and has said he plans to be more open minded in his return to the league. For the details, google Kent Babb’s Kansas City Star article.

His integration into the personnel meeting room will start immediately.

When asked what the changes meant to the operation, Dimitroff and Pioli weren’t forthcoming at the Senior Bowl.

It will be interesting to see how the triumvirate of Dimitroff, Pioli and Lionel Vital blend together.

It was thought that the Falcons would hire Pioli if Vital landed the Tampa Bay general manager’s job. When Vital, who was considered the front runner at one point didn’t t get the job, Pioli was hired, apparently at a level above Vital, who was second in command.

All three have worked together before and like many co-workers have had their differences.

But it appears they’ll try to smooth those old differences out and work together to get the Falcons turned around.

It’s in all of their best interests to find a common ground as “team builders.”


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