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PFWA’s statement on Marshawn Lynch’s media day unavailability 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

Marshawn Lynch



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NEW YORK — The Pro Football Writers of America, the official voice of pro football writers fighting and promoting for access to NFL personnel to best serve the public, is extremely disappointed in the lack of meaningful access to Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl XLVIII media day on Tuesday.

Several of our long-standing and high profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch’s conduct and refusal to answer any questions.

We find the statement by the league that “Players are required to participate and he participated” to be an affront to our membership.

However, we are encouraged that the league will continue to closely monitor this situation.

ABOUT THE PFWA: The Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA) is the official voice of pro football writers, promoting and fighting for access to NFL personnel to best serve the public. The PFWA is made up of accredited writers who cover the NFL and the 32 teams on a daily basis. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter, who covers the Atlanta Falcons, is the organization’s president for 2013-15, while’s Jeff Legwold, who covers the Denver Broncos, is the PFWA’s first vice-president and long-time national writer Dan Pompei is the organization’s second vice-president. Follow the PFWA at and on Twitter at @PFWAwriters



"To best serve the public" - no, they  just want to show the public how clever they think they are in their writing.

The PFWA are football "experts" all - except I'll wager almost none of them ever played a down of football at a meaningful level, and have no idea what really goes on out there in an NFL game.

Lynch doesn't want to talk to you? Then talk to one of the 50-plus other Seahawks, and dig up a novel story rather than regurgitate the same old clichéd stuff.



Sorry that Marshawn couldn't provide you fodder to write inflammatory stories about him or to mock him in public.  You'll have to live with his actual performance and maybe just actually listen to his teammates who are actually answering for him with his best intentions in mind.

I'll live with a guy who is nothing but committed to doing the one thing that's important, helping his team win. 

josh E.
josh E.

You national football writers are the biggest collection of sniffling cry babies I have ever seen. Holy crap.


It is a real shame that someone in America is forced to speak to the media.  These interviews are a farce as anyone can tell by the stupid questions that are asked.  I am sure that this forced participation is a violation of one's civil rights.


How does this relate to the Falcons? Why should we care what Lunch has to say? Just what would he say that every other NFL player says during media day?

Thank you Mr Lynch for not repeating inane remarks for the displeasure of these so called professional writers. 



No one has been as vocal as I have in the reason why Marshawn Lynch does not speak to the media. Nevertheless, when every player in the NFL (and by proxy a member of the NFLPA), they understand that they are "bound" by the League's guideline regarding public relations. Ledbetter is the president of a trade association (PFWA), he'd be doing a disservice to his membership not to complain. Marshawn has made his position known, he pays the fine and moves on. In the larger scope, the writer's have a job to do. If I'd never seen the E60 segment with Marshawn Lynch or not followed him when he was a school boy legend in Oakland (later at Cal), I'd be up in arms about him disrespecting the media. But he has his reasons, go and ask the Bay area media that poisoned water regarding his behavior towards the paid press. \

Is it "unprofessional?" Yes. Is it the end of the world? No.



Are the "Falcons" a part of the NFL (National Football League)?


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