Posted: 2:17 pm Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

MyAJC free through Thursday; some suggested reading 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

As a service to metro Atlantans during the winter storm, the AJC is offering free access to the online newspaper (a PDF-style version of the printed paper; link here) and For those of you who are not subscribers, I hope you’ll take advantage of both. Today’s paper is packed with valuable and insightful information about the storm. has all of the content that goes into the paper as well as the online blog content in a cleaner format than

If you’ve got time on your hands, I’ve included 12 links to Atlanta Falcons stories that my colleagues and I have written that will help catch you up and give you a taste of what you’ve been missing. I certainly encourage you to poke around on the site. It has a search box to look for stories by subject or writer.

Stay warm.

Thomas Dimitroff says player’s sexuality wouldn’t affect draft status (Michael Sam)

Start saving: Documents reveal that PSLs are on the way

Five possible free agent targets for the Falcons

With roadwork underway, stadium communities questioning the future of MLK drive

Seattle’s Russell Wilson joins exclusive with Super Bowl victory

Falcons great Claude Humphrey elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

Falcons stadium architect has Super Bowl connection

Atlanta’s competition to host another Super Bowl will be fierce

Q&A: GM Thomas Dimitroff ready to start retooling team immediately

AS I RECALL – Morten Andersen on sending the Falcons to the Super Bowl

Historic victory in Minnesota, cosmic letdown in Miami

Once more, Claude Humphrey has one foot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame


Nice Pics...!!  why does stuff covered in snow look so appealing?  I dunno, but it looks beautiful !!


Myajc was a stupid idea and is clearly not doing well. This newspaper will be out of business in 7 years.


Esquire - Maybe other people want to see these pics? DLed/ AJC - thank you!


I really don't care about pictures of the Falcons complex under snow cover but if you had any pics of Augusta National from the snow storm I'd like to see those.