Posted: 2:00 pm Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Tony Gonzalez impressed by Michael Sam’s courage 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez believes Michael Sam will be widely accepted in the NFL.

Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez believes Michael Sam will be widely accepted in the NFL.

In his new position as a television analyst, former Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez will have to develop well-thought out positions on league issues.

CBS has him slated to start out on three shows.

“It will give him a lot of reps, which I think is important for somebody who’s new to the broadcasting world,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We have a lot of shows we are involved with at CBS including ‘Inside the NFL’ for Showtime and ‘That Other Pregame Show.’ I think that will be good for him and it will be good for us. That was one of the big selling points.”

CBS Sports had a number of meetings with Gonzalez and had a live audition.

“We pretty much knew what we were getting,” McManus said. “We spent a number of years talking to him. We were committed that when he retired that we were going to try to get a deal done.”

Gonzalez appears ready for the task.

We asked him to share his view of linebacker Michael Sam admitting to being openly gay.

“I think what an unbelievable and courageous kid that he is to be able to come out and do that at this point,” Gonzalez said. “He could have played it safe and say I’m going to go to the league and maybe come out once I get established, but he did it right at the beginning. That takes courage.

“I agree with the President when he said we should judge him on his merits. You have to look yourself in the mirror. Whatever team ends up drafting him, (they will) obviously know what comes with that and then it’s going to be courageous for the team that drafts him and his teammates.

“This is a huge stage. …It’s a great opportunity for everybody involved in the NFL and especially the team that has him.”

He imagines there will be some resistance.

“Only a small minority of players are going to have a problem with this,” Gonzalez said. “That goes without saying. That’s human nature. But those players better accept it and get used to it because it’s coming no matter what. I don’t think it will be that big of a problem.”


I believe Sam is a good football player and *will* be drafted by somebody.  That somebody won't give a hoot about his sexual preferences, and neither do I, and I am sick and tired of hearing about it.

Get over it and get on with something that might be considered news.



While I'm waiting for some clown to call me a "Saints Troll" on another post. Something has been eating at me recently. Since you use to have Fritz Shurmar's ear. How in the heck did the Packers lose that Super Bowl? They made Elway one dimensional and still lost! How can you explain that one? TD was really special that night., with the Packs front 7, why didn't they adjust? Did he ever say what happened?


I tell ya, gone are the days when the NFL Today was must see tv.

Musberger, the Greek, Irv.....Jayne Kennedy!!


Boomer is decent. Cower is terrible. Sharpe & Marino were ok.

JB deserves better.

Gonzo should do fairly well.


Like I said, good on the Kid. 

But Ledbetter, can this be the last byline with your name and Tony Gonzalez associated with it for a about a month? Go ask Ryan how his game was going on Super Bowl Sunday?



I'm not a man to look back and wax nostalgics; but Jayne Kennedy is one of the few things to miss about the 1970s!

DOrlandoLedbetter moderator

Maybe one more: Gonzo on the Wells report! Ice is in hiding! Offseason chill period for him. When he comes out from hibernating, we'll get to it!