Posted: 8:11 pm Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

VIDEO: Auburn RB Tre Mason on Pro Day 2014 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter


This kid only gets better as the game progresses. A true durable back who doesn't wear down, and can  change directions on a dime, and is tough on the goal line. Wouldn't mind at all seeing him in Atl.


This is the Guy!!

We need this kid. Mason can help the Falcons win games immediately!

You wanna mask a weak O-Line???.......You do that by having a solid running attack, not throwing the ball around the yard 40+ times a fame.

Lacy, Giovanni, LaVeon Bell......all 2nd rounders who contributed to their teams successes last season.

The Falcons should have pick of the litter at the top of rd 2 on RBs in this draft.

Use it on a RB -- Use it on Tre Mason!

Kid was legit when the Barn was being manhandled by everyone 2 years ago.



Mask? your kidding right. Falcons cannot mask a weak O line. Theres no such thing.  They need guys who can Run/Pass block. Period. It does'nt matter who is carrying the ball.  Jeeez.


Russell Okung

James carpenter

max Unger

Jr sweezy

breno giancremo

that's your SB winning O Line.

Okung is all Pro. Unger& Carp are servicable. Breno & Sweezy are awful.

Omar does lots of masking in Seattle.

.......No Kidding whatsoever.