Posted: 6:00 am Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Falcons’ draft board: Texas DE/OLB Jackson Jeffcoat 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

Player: Jackson Jeffcoat

Position: Defensive end/linebacker

School: Texas

Height and weight: 6-3, 247

Combine numbers: 4.63 seconds in the 40-yard dash; 18 reps on the 225-pound bench press; 36-inch vertical; 10-3 broad jump and 6.97 in the three-cone drill.

Projected Round: He’s the ninth rated defensive end in the draft and projected to be selected in the third round by

Texas standout Jackson Jeffcoat was not invited to the Senior Bowl after a productive college career. (Michael Thomas / Associated Press)

Texas standout Jackson Jeffcoat was not invited to the Senior Bowl after a productive college career. (Michael Thomas / Associated Press)

Career Highlights:Son of former Dallas Cowboys (1983-94) and Buffalo Bills (1995-97) defensive lineman Jim Jeffcoat. He was a four-year player for the Longhorns and played in 40 games, making 33 starts. He was a consensus All-American and the Ted Hendricks Award winner. He had 27.5 sacks and 60 tackles for losses over his career.

Quotes: “Not getting invited to the Senior Bowl has definitely added fuel to my fire. I used it as motivation. I worked my butt off and kept grinding. I can give you speed and I can surprise guys with some power. I have strength in my lower body and arms. I can get underneath a guy and use my leverage. I feel like I’m a guy that would be a positive influence in the locker room because I get along with guys well. So, there won’t be any problems with that or off-the-field problems.”

Falcons level on interest: The Falcons must improve their pass rush and scheduled a private workout with Jeffcoat. The Falcons added stoutness in free agency by signing hefty defensive tackle Paul Soliai and defensive end Tyson Jackson. Jeffcoat has shown a penchant for getting to the quarterback. Some were alarmed by his lack of strength at the combine, but the Falcons know that he had two offseason pectoral injuries in college and has functional strength.


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Those two pectoral injuries scare me. I'm not overly concerned about the bench press. Some guys are just football strong. Comes from a good pedigree, but what does that mean. Just because your dad was successful doesn't mean the kid will be.


No thanks on Jeffcoat.

He's slightly better than ex-TX teammate Alex Okefor, which isn't saying much.


1st round pick for Falcons should be WR 

A Sammy Watkins 

 B J Clowney  

 C Khalil Mack 

 D Greg Robinson

 E Mike Evans WR

 F Aaron Donald DT

if available in that order

Falcons need big time WR, last year White and R White were both hurt so Ryan need someone to throw to.


2nd round Offensive tackle


1. Jadeveon Clowney DE

2. OT

3. OT

4. OG

5. FS


agree w/ overall sentiment: Get OL and DL right on 1st two picks, then fill in. For 3rd round we have to choose between LB, RB, and S.


Just please get our OL and DL fixed......and fill the rest in with guys like these......


1. Khalil Mack LB

2. Ja'Waun James OT

3. FS

4. OT

5. DE


This young man is the son of a legend. I'd rather draft him than an unknown in the late rounds.

Quackmeyer forgot to tell us that if the Falcon did not take Johnny Football you would never come on a Falcons blog again.  I remember you saying the same thing (under another name) about the Falcons not signing washed up Terrell Owens.  But here you are lying to us again.


Agian. The flacons need 2 do what every it take 2 get Johnny Mansell. E Nuff of this other stuff. 


Bring him on. Can we just go ahead and have the dadgum draft already? Geez.


@BigTimeTECHFan  Emphatically disagree on Watkins.  Drafting him would be completely unnecessary given the still glaring weaknesses at both DE/OLB and OL, not to mention White is already 100% and Jones is expected to be by the start of preseason.  There are depth issues at safety as well.  Dimitroff is more likely to trade into the teens and draft Louisville safety Calvin Pryor than he is to pick Watkins at all much less at 6.


That'll work...


The Draft guru's have Derek Carr ahead of "Johnny Football" now! Even after he showed out at his Pro Day.


Jonny Fottball may not even go in the first round!!


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