Posted: 4:18 pm Monday, April 14th, 2014

VIDEO: Falcons QB Matt Ryan on the offseason 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

Caught up with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan as he was making the turn at the fourth annual Matt Ryan Celebrity-AM Classic at the TPC Sugarloaf on Monday.

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Some of the celebrities participating in the tournament included former Falcons running back Warrick Dunn and tight end Alge Crumpler. Kicker Matt Bryant, center Joe Hawley, and defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux played. Also, former Braves star Chipper Jones played in the outing.

Ryan raised money for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to making kids better today and healthier tomorrow. Visit for more information.


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Matt Ryan has all the potential in the world. To those who ceaselessly question his heart and his intestinal fortitude and then come on here sickeningly sucking up to everyone,YOU start for three seasons at Boston College and then carry arguably one of the worst coached and administrated teams in the NFL for another SIX years (as Rover said)-I want to see ya' do it.


Matt Ryan is the backbone of this team, period!

Paired with the defenses of the Seahawks or the 49ers the past two seasons, or any of the past several Super Bowls winners and Ryan would have hoisted two, maybe three Lombardi's by now.  Unfortunately, he has been plagued with anywhere from, at best, a mediocre OL to arguably the very worst OL in the NFL last season.  Couple this with, again, a mediocre at best defense and arguably the softest in the NFL last season.

Matt Ryan has made this team relevant the past six seasons, and aside from Michael Turner's first 3 seasons, White, Jones, an aging Gonzalez and John Abraham, he has carried one of the least overall talented teams in the NFL; that's just how special this QB is!

Without one Matt Ryan, this team the past six season is cumulatively a .400 - .500 team.  Ryan has masked the illusion that this has been a talented team.  Well, we just saw how a wonderfully talented team can win a Super Bowl and carry what was statistically an average QB.  


My sympathies to the "Ice Bashers" out there.

What dismal lives y'all must live to deflect all your personal frustrations/animosities on this guy.

#Ice ain't the problem



Thanks for the answer on his "golf swing!" :-)

I hope they raised considerable money.



"YOU start for three seasons at Boston College and then carry arguably one of the worst coached and administrated teams in the NFL for another SIX years (as Rover said)-I want to see ya' do it."

I'll ask Matt Hassellbeck the next time I'm in Indy. Since he's the only one who "has" started 6 in the NFL after starting 3 at BC. Ryan magically play another season some time in the past when he wasn't sharing the QB position with Quinton Porter (2005)? More "flawed logic?"



After you...That ain't happening either! 

Go buy some more Under Armor and a new recliner!

Oh yeah, it is not "sucking up." I asked Ledbetter a long time ago to ask Ryan about his golf game. He has lot more time to work on it! Bazinga!



Welcome back! ;-)


..........that said, he does need to squeeze the swine-skin a little tighter! :( :( :(


@JSSN @zuzu331  Wow,According to the Boston College Site,Ryan started five games in 05'...ok. What a sad little Sheldon Cooper Troll you are! Keep on tap tappin away...because thats all you CAN do.


@JSSN  Im not the one bashing him,you nonsense spewing fool. As for a 'new recliner' Im still in excellent football shape,thanks. Unlike you I have no need to brag about what Ive done or detract from what anyone else has done.


@JSSN @zuzu331  Who in their right mind would post something like that? Again,you deserve a cookie for being internet search Queen Of The Day! Yay You!



Ha ha, don't let your kettle see that mirror, you might have to actually experience being somewhat self-aware! 

How many games did Porter start? Oh yeah, it was 5 since he'd won the job coming out of camp! Had he not been hurt against Fl. State, he'd still been the starter in the Clemson and Ball State games. He returned to the starting spot for games 5-7. O'Brien didn't give Ryan the reins as the starter until games 8-10 (including the Bowl game). Ryan was a 2 year starter, 2006 and 2007, at best 2 and quarter years!

See how a "qualifier" works? Context is a hell of a thing, you should try it name caller! Oops, I forgot, Precious!