Posted: 2:46 pm Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Falcons WR Julio Jones’ brother shot in Alabama 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

FLOWERY BRANCH — Phillip Jones, 31, the brother of Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones was the victim of a shooting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Tuesday, according to the Gulf Shores police.

Jones, of Foley, Ala., was shot in the arm.

The Falcons are already reeling with the shooting death of Falcons wide receiver Roddy White’s brother Tyrone Moore, Jr. in Charleston, S.C. His funeral was last Thursday.

Gulf Shores Police responded to South Baldwin Urgent Care in reference to a man being brought in suffering from a gunshot wound. When the officers arrived they were able to determine that the incident occurred at a residence, according to the police report.

Jones was transported from South Baldwin Urgent Care to South Baldwin Regional Medical Center and then transported by Baptist LifeFlight to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla.

During the preliminary investigation the police obtained information indicating George Bennett Sutton, 53 of Gulf Shores shot Jones.

A relative told FOX10 that Jones’ arm had to be removed due to injuries sustained from the gunshot wound.

Sutton was booked into the Gulf Shores Police Detention Center for Assault in the first degree (Title 13A-6-20 (a)(1), a Class B felony. Sutton is awaiting transfer to the Baldwin County Detention Center.

Although a suspect has been arrested the investigation continues.

Jones, who was injured in the fifth game of last season, has not spoken to the media in months and did not participate in Wednesday’s Organized Team Activities.


–Tuesday – OTA No. 2.

–Thursday – OTA No. 3.

–Friday – Strength and Conditioning plus a rookie practice

–Monday– OTA No. 4.

–Tuesday, June 3 – OTA No. 5.

–Wednesday, June 4 – OTA No. 6.

–Thursday, June 5 – Rookie Practice.

–Monday, June 9 – Hacks vs. Jocks golf tournament. Defending champs – Team Scelfo.

–Tuesday, June 10 – OTA No. 7.

–Wednesday, June 11 – OTA No. 8.

–Thursday, June 12 – OTA No. 9.

–Friday, June 13 – OTA No. 10.

–Monday, June 16 – Physicals.

–Tuesday, June 17 — Day One: Mandatory minicamp (5 practices over three days)

–Wednesday, June 18 – Day Two: Mandatory minicamp.

–Thursday, June 19 – Day Three: Mandatory minicamp. (Offseason program ends for veterans).

TBA – Rookie Symposium

TBA – (Late July) – Report to Training camp.


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Can't brag about these families like the Matthews!


Not good to be relative of a Falcons players (especially, wide receiver), in 2014.


After the crazy social engineering comments that followed the death of Roddy's brother, no one needs to read more of that misdirected silliness. 

Worry about the victims, leave the real commentary to the people who are truly looking at the real problems behind violence in the this Nation.


We're a sick, sick nation. At least we have our guns to solve all our problems. 


Maybe this was the shot in the arm that Julio needed to get over his own injuries and contribute like the superstar he's destined to be.


will julio miss part of the season to deal with all the aftermath?  will he get paid


Is this the same brother who was released from prison not too long ago? 


I hope the insurance clause in Falcons player contracts pays their salaries, if shot by ricocheting fragments of bone and bullets, from walking too close to friends or relatives.


What is it with Old dudes and lack of restraint regarding firearms? 


Are you freakin' kidding me?

Let me guess. There was a Club. After midnight Girls. Alcohol. Disrepectiing . Confrontation. 

I really hope the kid is ok for Julio and the Falcon's collective psyche. 


Whew, that scared me. Orlando, your eye catching title is in poor taste.

For the people who care about Julio, our mouths just dropped.

I understand writing 101 demands you come up with a eye catching title,

but now I now question when you speak.

I felt like it was irresponsible title.



@Derivative The season doesn't start for 4 months. You don't get 4 months of bereavement time in any occupation to deal with a family member's death or injury. Millionaire athletes can afford to hire home healthcare aids to come in and help his brother with daily chores while he rehabs.


@Dasdguy  31 & 53 is not old dude...Why was he shot?  That is the question.  Firearms not the problem its drinking, drugs,woman, sex or crazy person that's the problem...not age. Hope everyone is ok.


Ok I guess you didn't read the story then..smh


@WhiskeyBreath Why is this such a bad title?  His brother was shot.  Shot does not mean killed.  And his arm was apparently amputated due to the injury, so it's not like it's no big deal.

We're all happy his life isn't in danger, but this is not a non-event.


@no_id Well technically the only aspect the article cleared up was it wasn't at a club. Every other point he could be completely correct on.