Posted: 9:04 am Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Q&A with Falcons returner Devin Hester 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

By Wesley Toomer

Falcons returner/wide receiver Devin Hester, who is perhaps the most feared returner in the league, could provide a major life to the special teams units in 2014.

Here is a Q&A with Hester after Wednesday’s OTA session:

Q: How’s it different for you after so many years in Chicago?

A: Different Faces, different coaches, and teammates. I’ve been in the league for nine years now, so it’s pretty much the (same) program throughout the league.

Q: What do you think your role will become?

A:I think my role is going to be pretty much kickoff and punt return. I think I’ll take over full responsibility of that duty, and as far as on offense here and there.

Q: Your Resume obliviously speaks for itself like considering you are in a new location with new teammates, new coaches do you feel like there is something you have to prove? Or do you feel like you just need to continue what you are doing?

A:I don’t think I have to prove anything. You know, my stats and my play ability … speaks for itself. I just have to go out and concentrate on the techniques and little things like that. I should be pretty good.

Q: Your thoughts on working on the (special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong’s) unique style of coaching? Where you able to create a relationship with him yet?

A:Oh yeah, most definitely. I created one with him in the Pro Bowl a couple years ago. We were on the same page since day one. …He is open to a player’s mindset of how they feel and what they feel comfortable with and we both can work together and be on the same page.

Q: How do the returners try to make each other better?

A: Oh yeah, most definitely as a veteran you can always learn something from a younger guy, you know regardless of how many years you have been in the league, you can always pick up something that you can put in your tool box. Right now I’m learning little things that Harry (Douglas) does some of the other returners we have here, I’m picking their brains to see what they feel comfortable with and see what works for them. We just all share opinions.

Q: How has the rule changes impacted kickoff returners the last few years in the NFL?

A: Just added eight more yards on my return pretty much.

Q: As far as receiver how much time do you expect?

A:A little splash here and there about 15 to 20 plays a game so we will see how the season turns out.

Wesley Toomer is a junior in the Mass Communications Department at Albany State University.


–Tuesday – OTA No. 2.

–Thursday – OTA No. 3.

–Friday – Strength and Conditioning plus a rookie practice

–Monday– OTA No. 4.

–Tuesday, June 3 – OTA No. 5.

–Wednesday, June 4 – OTA No. 6.

–Thursday, June 5 – Rookie Practice.

–Monday, June 9 – Hacks vs. Jocks golf tournament. Defending champs – Team Scelfo.

–Tuesday, June 10 – OTA No. 7.

–Wednesday, June 11 – OTA No. 8.

–Thursday, June 12 – OTA No. 9.

–Friday, June 13 – OTA No. 10.

–Monday, June 16 – Physicals.

–Tuesday, June 17 — Day One: Mandatory minicamp (5 practices over three days)

–Wednesday, June 18 – Day Two: Mandatory minicamp.

–Thursday, June 19 – Day Three: Mandatory minicamp. (Offseason program ends for veterans).

TBA – Rookie Symposium

TBA – (Late July) – Report to Training camp.


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The least publicized and possibly the most important FA signing this off season.

Hester will win at least 2 games for the Falcons this year. :)



Can't the AJC afford to accompany you a videographer?  You can never hear the questions and barely hear the responses, not to mention your video above is completely unrelated to the story beneath it.


Hester should be an upgrade on returns even if it's true, as someone said on a Bear's blog, that he's now only 75% of what he was.  He hasn't played as a receiver for quite a while (more than one season, I believe), but it wouldn't surprise me to see him tried out in the slot for the Falcons if (when?) Harry D. gets injured.


Coach Robiskie looks like he's about to cuss somebody out. LOL.


Nice job Wesley Toomer, good luck in your time in the AJC newsroom.


DL, Special Teams has been the bane of the BIRDS existence of late...GETTING a BIG TIME GUY like HUGE!!

I thought poor Special Teams...hampered the running game...we was always starting deep in our own territory…we became too predictable. I look for Hester to change all that.

DOrlandoLedbetter moderator

Coach T usually saves his cuss words for soft receivers who don't like to block.

DOrlandoLedbetter moderator

@MikeisBack Special Teams were not not back of the back poor. The return game was poor. Coverage units did pretty good.