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Humphrey to be presented by his daughter 

By D. Orlando Ledbetter

Claude Humphrey shortly after receiving the news of his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Radio City Music Hall in New York back in February. (By D. Orlando Ledbetter/

Claude Humphrey, the longtime defensive end of the Atlanta Falcons who finished his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, has chosen his daughter Cheyenne Humphrey-Robinson to present him for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 2.

She becomes just the third daughter ever to serve as a presenter. John Elway was presented by his daughter Jessica in 2004, and last year Warren Sapp was presented by his daughter Mercedes.

The first “official” duty for the seven presenters will occur at the Gold Jacket Dinner on Friday, Aug. 1. It is during this event that the presenters will place the Hall of Fame Gold Jackets on the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Then, at the Enshrinement Ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 2, dramatic video presentations. Each member of the Class of 2014 will then have their presenter accompany them to the Enshrinement podium where together they will unveil the Hall of Famer’s bronze bust for the first time.


Date                                                      Practice Times (public availability)

Tuesday, July 22                                Rookies report

Thursday, July 24                          Veterans report

Friday, July 25                                    Practice 3:30 – 5:50 p.m. (open to the public)

Saturday, July 26                              Practice 3:30 – 5:50 p.m. (open to the public)

Sunday, July 27                                 Practice 3:30 – 6:05 p.m. (open to the public)

Monday, July 28                               Practice 3:30 – 6:05 p.m. (open to the public)

Tuesday, July 29                               Practice 3:30 – 6:05 p.m. (open to the public)

Wednesday, July 30                        Players’ Day Off (No Media Availability)

Thursday, July 31                              Practice 3:30 – 6:05 p.m. (open to the public)

Friday, August 1                              “Friday Night Lights” at Archer High School (Lawrenceville)

                                                            6:45 – 9:10 p.m. (open to the public)

Saturday, August 2                          Practice 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. (open to the public)

Sunday, August 3                             Practice 3:30 – 6:05 p.m. (open to the public)

Monday, August 4                           Combined Practice w/Tennessee  3-5:30 p.m.                                                (open to the public)

Tuesday, August 5                           Players’ Day Off (No Media Availability)

Wednesday, August 6                    Practice 3:30 – 6:05 p.m. (open to the public)

Thursday, August 7                         Pregame Walkthrough (No Media Availability)

Friday, August 8                                Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins

                                                                Georgia Dome

                                                                7:00 p.m. ET – CW69

 Saturday, August 9                          Practice 4:30 – 5:45 p.m. (open to the public)

 Sunday, August 10                           Players’ Day Off (No Media Availability)

 Monday, August 11                         Practice 3:30 – 5:50 p.m. (open to the public)

 Tuesday, August 12                         Practice 10:00 a.m. – 12:35 p.m. (open to the public)

 Wednesday, August 13                 Combined Practice w/ Houston Texans (Houston, TX)

Thursday, August 14                       Combined Practice w/ Houston Texans (Houston, TX)

Friday, August 15                             Pregame Walkthrough (No Media Availability)

Saturday, August 16                        Falcons at Houston Texans

                                                                NRG Stadium

                                                                8:00 p.m. ET – CW69

 Sunday, August 17                           Players’ Day Off (No Media Availability)

Monday, August 18                         Practice 10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (closed to the public)

                                                                Break Camp


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Humphrey to be presented my his daughter

Really? After two weeks off you STILL can't proof read?


Claude Humphrey and John Zook were a good tandem.


I know the great Claude Humphrey will have a bit of a heavy heart as he finally receives his Golden jacket and enters the Hall. His late wife Sandra was his greatest champion! Cheyenne will do him honor, I hope he'll flash that smile and give one heck of a speech! #HOF2014, and another proud moment for Tennessee State University (the cradle of HOF defensive ends) :-) Big John Merritt and Joe Gilliam Sr. are smiling down on #87! 

"No point starting anything if you aren't going to finish." -- Tenn State coordinator Joe Gilliam Sr.



Oh, I'm considered negative by so many, but do you anything to say about Claude Humphrey (by chance)?


@Rory_Bellows Truly remarkable. It's the headline! I am an English instructor, and constantly dismayed by the lack of attention to language in this major newspaper.



The two of you are critiquing, but are somehow unaware that the writer does not submit the headlines? Not even in a blog, well enjoy the preseason.



So, he writes everything else but the headline? What about all the other errors within past blogs?



It's blog, it is not the print paper or MyAJC! This does not stick in your head somehow! Man, send the writer a note and point out the error and move on. Heck, Chris Vivalome has errors! Dave O'Brien has errors! This is not the paper no matter how hard you guys gripe about it!


@JSSN @Rory_Bellows If it is your vocation/occupation to present information via the printed word,you should not have as many errors as this particular blogger has. I agree, other bloggers ahve errors as well, but it is still unaccpetable if it is their job.

Imagine if your physician were as sloppy as Ledbetter is......



Sorry to tell but they are, and the two things are not comparable and you know it! You want Ken Nugent's number?