Hard Knocks open thread: Smith, Dimitroff and Weatherspoon to be featured

HOUSTON — Checking in for our Hard Knocks open thread.

After the show, we’ll post a video recap.

HBO has posted a preview of tonight’s episode on their Facebook page.

It show Falcons coach Mike Smith telling the team he’s tired of hearing that the Falcons aren’t tough and that they are a tough football team.

The Toughness Crusade continues. . . .

He lauded Joe Hawley for defending the honor of a teammate, which resulted in him getting expelled from the practice with the Tennessee Titans. He thought that was a good penalty and hey, who wants to argue with that.

IMG_1932Smith talks about the fine line between winning a losing. There is also a fine line between being a tough team and a heavily penalized one.

Also on tonight’s show:

–Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff outlines his views on the 2014 roster.

–Popular linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who has not spoken to the local media since his injury, is profiled and schools a younger linebacker.

–The Falcons scrimmage with the Tennessee Titans in Flowery Branch as they prepped for their opening exhibition game against the Miami Dolphins will also be shown.

–Dimitroff hits the bike trail.

–A cornerback gets a more impactful and painful nickname than “Cupcake.”

–A Falcon who resists going to public swimming pools dives into a pool with whale sharks.

–Exclusive NFL FILMS game footage of Atlanta vs. Miami.


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