Let Cam Newton do his dance

Cam Newton doing his dance.

Cam Newton doing his dance.

FLOWERY BRANCH – The legendary Paul Brown said that when you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.

Pretty sure that Mr. Brown was turning over in his grave when Carolina’s Cam Newton broke into his whack dance during the Tennessee game.

I don’t mind him dancing, Newton, of College Park and Westlake High, just needs to get a better dance. He should call up former Falcons great Billy “White Shoe” Johnson and learn how to dance. Johnson still has the best touchdown dance ever!

On Mike and Mike this morning they showed Tom Brady celebrating a similar 1-yard touchdown run by yelling and screaming like a maniac. There’s no difference in the celebrations except that some old-school linebacker might come up and knock Newton’s block off and take the penalty on the kickoff.

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